I have been photographing at will for over 60 years. I have progressed from using film in cast-off cameras belonging to my father to state of the art digital equipment, which I can afford myself most readily. I prefer to think that, in a sense, the experience of shooting, and the experience of viewing the results have not changed at all.

In the course of growing up I have taken photographs for other purposes on many different occasions. Without being compelled to do so, I've been a photojournalist, shooting for newspapers and magazines on a commission and freelance basis. I've been a commercial photographer and my work has been used in catalogs and national advertising by major companies, banks, and local merchants. I've had a number of shows of my work, in groups, in two man shows, and in single artist exhibits, all at galleries in Boston and Cambridge. My work has also sold at auction to benefit a major museum.

I have sold my work in the form of signed hand-made prints, both mounted and framed and unmounted, for over 50 years. All the work on this site is available. Merely inquire.

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I shoot portraits, landscapes, still life subjects. I mainly shoot as I see fit, though some portraits, usually on commission, are posed formally. I can shoot in a studio, but prefer not to. I shoot in black & white and color, and can print archivally on all manner of material including fine art hand-made papers. I will only sell mounted prints that are prepared with archival materials.

I write blog essays randomly. They have appeared since 2004 at one blog of mine, or another. The current one is 1 Standard Deviation.

You may reach me by email at howard<at>